New Blogging Home

IMG_1836I have tried various blogging setups and I am hopeful that this one will meet all my varied needs.  I am an avid seamster and love to share my tutorials and projects but all other blogs could not handle pictures.  Blogger was tedious and massacred my well thought out posts.  Tumblr was fine but also did not meet my needs.  Hubs, being the IT wiz that he is advised me to try WordPress.  So far so good.  I am excited to share my projects and ideas.  Right now, I am deep into my 3rd annual Sewing Camp for girls.  It begins next week.  There is nothing quite like sharing my passion for sewing with young ladies.

Above: Hand embroidered slip for a dear friend.  It was part of a Christening Ensemble that I have been eager to share with the world now that the baby has been christened!