Thrifty Cabinet


I had been looking for a cabinet to put in the foyer.  My budget was next to nothing so I sought out yard sales, thrift stores, and bargain back rooms looking for just the right piece.  While working at the church yard sale, this little end table caught my eye.  I was charmed by the scalloped front and the drawer was just what I needed to corral hats and gloves.  For $6, it was worth an attempt to update.

As it sat in my garage awaiting it’s rebirth, I contemplated colors.  The sad stain and faded top screamed for color.  I finally settled on a pure red that adds a pop of color to a boring corner.  It was destined to hold the house phone and I thought a bit of chalkboard paint would make the top a handy notepad.  I spray painted the handles a matching black.  I just need to find a basket for the cubby and this remake is done!