So Sew



When I was in high school Chemistry I had a teacher that answered all of my suggestions for a science project with “so?”.  It was so frustrating that I dropped honors Chemistry.  Maybe it was sign…SEW not SO! Over twenty years later, my daughter is taking chemistry and loving every minute.  We are all gifted in different ways and chemistry was not one of my strengths.  If only I’d known then what I know now I may have taken a different path.  My heart and my joy is sewing.  I love seeing children excited about sewing.  I love teaching them how to create.  I love coming up with projects that teach beginning sewing, but also produce a delightful finished product.  These monogrammed pillows are just that sort of project.  I used them to teach sewing machine control.  As the kids continued to stitch around and around their letter, they quickly became more confident in turns and curves.  Finishing the pillow teaches the concept of right sides together and seam allowances. They all learned how to take needle  and thread in hand and close a hole.  I hope to get a tutorial for the pillow together this week!

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