Always Learning


As a homeschool parent, I have the opportunity to expose my girls to lots of different learning opportunities.  I wish I could have known in high school that I love sewing and art.  I would have chosen a different major in college.  I don’t regret my past however because it is the reason I am where I am today.  The best part about learning new things, is that I get to learn right along with them!  It is exciting to see them light up when they learn something new.  One of the biggest things I want to teach my girls is to love learning and always continue learning.

We have taken glass blowing, cake decorating, pottery, and now block printing.  While glass blowing was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed making beads, block printing really ignited my fire to create.  In addition, block printing is much more applicable to sewing since printing on fabric is a lot of fun.

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