Hospital Gowns

It seems I have reached that age where more friends and family are battling cancer than ever before.  It makes me sad to see those I love fight so hard and suffer so much.  Cancer is ugly.  The drugs are essentially poison and the treatments often seem somewhat barbaric.  I long for a day when I can look back and think that today’s cancer treatments are as horrifying as dentistry before anesthesia.  On the other side though, I see tremendous hope.  I see God’s mercy and love.  In suffering Satan tries so hard to take away our joy and our faith.  But God can show His mighty hand, His tremendous love, and His tender care through it all.

The first hospital gown I made, I borrowed the pattern from a friend.  I have since gotten a copy of the pattern for myself.  The pattern comes from and is free.  I thought the matching pillow cases would be nice since hospital linens are rather sterile looking.

Some notes about the pattern:

  • I bound the front neck edge with bias tape made from my coordinating fabric.  The back neck edge, I serged and folded twice.
  • I used plastic snaps on the shoulders because velcro is annoying to wash and metal snaps cannot go into an X-ray machine.
  • I added pockets to both sides because the port was on the right and I figured another access for a heart monitor would be a nice addition.
  • I folded out width for these because my friend is petite (and getting smaller by the day!)
  • I used 2 rights sides for the back so that there is full coverage.  I made an extra buttonhole and added another tie to keep the back closed up.



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